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Making choices

Well, I’ve already made it, sort of, but let me tell you about it anyway.

So you all probably know how I find my study really kind of boring. You’ll without a doubt also be aware of how into game development I’ve been lately. Chances are you’ve heard me talk a little bit about the honors-program of my school as well. How are those related? Well, pretty closely actually. You may even be able to figure it out yourself. I’ll stop talking directly to “you” though, it’s getting kind of annoying.

Here’s the deal. I have the chance to spice up my study by entering the honors-program. Aside from the “look at these letters on paper” perks, I’ll also have a slightly more interesting study. A bunch of new subjects will be included, of which English and maths are two, both pretty awesome ones. The others though, aren’t all that interesting. It’s mostly research-related stuff, and I’m just not that into all that academic jazz. Sure we get to work on supposedly awesome projects with people from other disciplines, such as physics or engineering. And while that does sound pretty awesome, I’m still put off by the research part.

And then there’s gamedev. I’ve got a lot of free time right now since my study is so lightweight for me. I really want to go through with this, teach myself a lot and eventually set out to just like make game. Entering the honors-program, however, would erase a lot of free time (used for gamedev) from my schedule. Not sure how hard the honors-program would actually be on me, but let’s just assume I have less free time that way.

It’s kind of an odd trade-off. I either enter the honors-program, pushing game development aside for some extra text on my certificate of which the usefulness is doubtful at best, or I tell school to suck it, refuse to enter the honors-program, and keep my free time so I can do what I love, that which I currently have a huge passion for.

It’s not even a choice anymore, is it?
~ Fang


  • 19/03/2013 (1:20 AM)

    Well it sounds like you have already made the choice to not go in to the honors program. I think you would be a fit there but if you don’t think it’s for you then don’t go for it.

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