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12 03 13


Or ideagals, if that fits better.

We all know, or at least have seen a few: ideaguys. The kind of people that whip up great idea after great idea, giving the impression that they’re sure to break through big-time. And yeah, normally they would. But then they wouldn’t be ideaguys. Then why are they that? They do nothing with their ideas. They just pile them up, throw them around, being happy with just the potential they all have, but they never water their seeds.

Generally, you don’t want to be an ideaguy. You don’t want to sit around all day, toying with ideas in your head. You want to realize them! You want to make something big, do something great. Have it define you, or define it yourself! A great idea is nothing without superb execution. Even then, in some cases sloppy execution may be better than none at all! Stacking up ideas will just cause subconscious stress.

But maybe we need people like those. People who pass out ideas like cheap cigars, not caring for what anyone says. Maybe they’re the innovators, but we haven’t realized it yet. We haven’t realized it yet because they haven’t stepped up yet. Maybe we all need to step up for our ideas, our mental doodles, our opinions.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a little bit of ideaguy in all of us.
~ Fang


  • 13/03/2013 (1:40 AM)

    A lot of idea guys do team up with the doing guys. Some of them even do things themselves. There are a lot of innovators around these days thanks to crowdfunding so I think that one of the reasons ideaguys weren’t coming forward was because their ideas were too big, and now they can do them.

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