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I really should stop writing bitchposts about things that are interesting to only a small minority.

So in a lot of industries there’s this whole “hurr durr our standards” thing. They stick to traditions, call ’em standards, and that’s basically it. And it’s stupid. Sure your previous system ran in that specific way, so you’ll need to conform to that (or you could just do some data conversion?), that’s all cool. But saying “we want it this was” because it’s always been that way, and not giving any other reasons is just bullshit.

It’s nice to have a widely-known standard going on, but it’s kind of not very productive if everyone always keeps developing in Java. It doesn’t get us anywhere. People, especially smaller companies, shouldn’t be afraid to deviate from the norm a bit. It differentiates them, gives them something unique, something new. Not only will it probably last a lot longer than using old methods, but there’s also a fair chance it’ll blow the opposition out of the water.

I’m… not really sure what point I was going for here, but let me just tell you this. Having to conform is bad. Innovating is good. You’re allowed to stick to your roots, but only if it makes sense. Sadly, sense business-wise is way different than it is from any other point of view.

~ Fang


  • 20/03/2013 (6:51 AM)

    I think you were close to nailing it in the last paragraph. You stick with what is successful, but change what isn’t or what don’t be afraid of what works better.

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