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News, more “news”, and not-even-decent low-poly bricks. It’s all here, ladies and gentlemen!

So I went in for a conversation with my mentor today. You know, about the whole “school sucks I just want to like make game” thing, and everything surrounding it. He, as most of you, advised against quitting my study, since even if I do have the skill and everything, getting a job’ll be harder, especially after you’re fired or your company went bankrupt. And it’s perfectly possible to run my own company next to my study, as evidenced by the couple of people in our year that do so.

Other than that I got in on some of the neat options that are available. There’ll be a little introduction to the honor student system next week. The thing itself starts next year. And there’s also the possibility of taking additional courses from other studies (for example the more technical variant of computer science), which is good, because they have some hella interesting things (and actual math). After the second year of school though, everything becomes choice-based, and the fun subjects become available. Which is great. Now I’ll just have to hold out ’til then.

In other news, I helped someone do something cool today! Jared, from A Bad Case of the Dates, wanted to implement my random post button into his blog. It was broken, but then it worked, and then it didn’t. We finally got it to work though, after some fiddling around on his side, and some mad hacker skills from mine. His blog’s great, do check it out!

I just spent two hours walking through twenty minutes of fifty-minute tutorial, and this is what I got so far. 3D model of a roadblock brick thing.
~ Fang


  • 06/03/2013 (9:26 AM)

    Yeah, stay in school. Almost everyone who leaves usually ends up regretting it.

    And yeah those tutorials… Well any tutorial really takes you longer because half the time you’re pausing and rewinding back to see if you’re actually doing stuff correctly.

  • 06/03/2013 (1:31 AM)

    Woot for fixing things that don’t work as they should. Hopefully it didn’t take as long to fix as the problems we had when I did a redesign. Good to hear you do have some options and you could find yourself doing something better and more suited to you. It’s a good thing you aren’t about to quit your studying. With how quickly you get your work done though you could probably run several companies while at school.

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