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25 03 13

First test down

Had the first of two tests today.

Things went pretty okay. I got reminded though, that we had a meeting with our team and a teacher beforehand. I had completely forgotten, and if it wasn’t for a friend asking me where the meeting was taking place, I wouldn’t have showed up. Luckily she asked me well ahead of time, so I still made it there despite the hour and a half traveling times. The meeting went pretty well, all is going good so far with the project, and the test went okay as well. Think I ballsed one of the diagrams up, but didn’t have enough time to re-do it, so I left it be.

In other news, remember that tower defense game I was working on? I dropped it already. Yeah, this soon. Things were getting rather messy (not really, but it was feeling that way), and my shit attempt at modeling a tower got my motivation down. I realized that it wasn’t very clever of me to take on such a “big” project without any real planning this soon in my “career”. So yeah, I’ll definitely come back to that later, but with a different approach, as well as proper planning and actual art skills.

For now, I’ll be messing around with world creation algorithm, Perlin noise, and see if I can create landscape-like meshes. Until then, have this simple game I made:

Game of Life gif

It’s the Game of Life.
~ Fang


  • 27/03/2013 (1:04 AM)

    It looks like the background to some space simulator or something.

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