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06 03 13


Sadly, I can’t make smoothies with this one.

So you may have seen me post a brick-like structure at the end post yesterday’s post. It was a 3D model made in Blender. It’s free and pretty pro-level 3D modeling software, so it’s my best bet if I ever want to learn it. Because let’s face it, free software generally has a much better community, with much more tutorials available for free.

In any case, it took me ages to get that thing modelled, and I got to the point of the tutorial where we were going to texture and everything. But it all went so fucking fast and I got tired of pausing literally every three seconds, going back often, you know how it goes. I just sort of ragequit and took a break. I’ll probably be looking up more entry-level tutorials (even though this one was in the beginner section), and hopefully find one that works for me.

3D software in general though is pretty damn hard. At least that’s the impression I get. And then when I thought it’d be all “yeah you can just add and drag points” and whatever, that’s something you’ll apparently be doing very little of. I still want to learn it though, since I want to at least be able to make my own placeholders for games, if not make the actual used models. (And I haven’t even delved into proper texturing yet, oh God.)

So yeah. I’ll let you guys know when I make some actual progress. Otherwise, just imagine me sitting here with a bit of an angry face.
~ Fang


  • 07/03/2013 (11:12 PM)

    Blender is pretty difficult to get started with.
    I would recommend making models in something simpler and more comfortable like Wings3D ( Perhaps then import them into Blender for processing further.

  • 07/03/2013 (3:17 PM)

    I’m familiar with Blender, and I was attempting to learn it back when we considered using it for some fun, movable 3D comic characters. However, it IS a ton of work. We concluded that either we could write books, write blogs, and draw dinky comics, or we could do 3D rendering, but not both, because Blender takes so much damn time.

  • 07/03/2013 (1:00 AM)

    Well I can imagine your angry face, so I’ll just have to do that. I do agree though that things that are free have the better tutorials and better communities. They’re pretty cool people too. Good luck with all this 3D stuff, I imagined it was harder than it looked.

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