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Had the second and last exam of this week today. It was one for Design. Sounds like you’d actually be designing interfaces or something, but it’s more about code design. And even that is more code planning than anything else. Still, they’ve hinted at going into more detailed OOP and best practices and stuff in the next and last block of the year. Sounds promising, hope they live up to my expectations!

Anyway, the exam I made today. It went pretty well, actually. I spent quite the amount of time messing around with the sequence diagram though, so it was a tad hard fitting everything into the hour and a half we got. I made it though, in the nick of time, so all is good. Now to wait, hope they get the exams checked and graded soon, so that we don’t have to wait for, like, five weeks as was the case with a couple of subjects last time.

I’ll also have to go and inquire about the excellence program. You can earn “stars” and such for doing something extra, but I’m wondering if my venture into gamedev, the way I teach myself new things left and right, also falls into that category. Sure, it’s not related to my study, or my school even, but if I’m learning and doing cool things, then surely that counts for something, right?

The weekend’s already started for me now. If it hasn’t yet for you, hang tight!
~ Fang


  • 29/03/2013 (1:13 AM)

    Hopefully it will count as something. Glad the exams went well and hopefully now you’ll be moving in to the more advanced stuff. If not then maybe the next semester/term/whatever you guys call it.

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