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31 03 13

Actual progress

For real!

I made some good solid progress last night. On something that’s actually going to get released, too. Oh wow. My portfolio page is coming along nicely, what’s left now is mostly just content filling, which really isn’t that much. Feels good to make progress on things I know are going to be publicly available. Sure I’m not learning much new (except that I now officially hate CSS vendor prefixes. Use those things in your transitions, I dare you), but at least my stuff’s going somewhere, right?

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30 03 13

LÖVE and Lua

So I tried out a little bit of LÖVE today.

Before you get any weird ideas, this is what LÖVE is. …I’m not making this sound any better, am I? LÖVE, or Love2D as it’s sometimes (incorrectly) referred to, is basically a framework to make 2D games with. It uses the Lua programming language, and is basically the cutest piece of software you’ll ever see. Just look at the faces of those little mascots. Adorable!

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29 03 13


Woo, software review!

Now, I’m normally not all that excited about programs that are in the way constantly, or drastically change your view on things. f.lux, however, has got me jumping.
The idea is simple. Late at night, the bright, often blue-ish white light of your computer’s monitor is pretty bad. If you’ve ever woken up at night to check your cell phone, or hell, even grab a midnight snack from the fridge, you know what I’m talking about. Not only that, but the light keeps the body awake, it keeps it from triggering a sleepier state of mind. I’m grossly oversimplifying things here, so let’s just move on and get to the point.

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Easy enough.

Had the second and last exam of this week today. It was one for Design. Sounds like you’d actually be designing interfaces or something, but it’s more about code design. And even that is more code planning than anything else. Still, they’ve hinted at going into more detailed OOP and best practices and stuff in the next and last block of the year. Sounds promising, hope they live up to my expectations!

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27 03 13

Shit post

This post is shit.

As you may have noticed, I’m having a hard time keeping up with my “post every day” schedule. I don’t know what it is. I’m noticing the same with other things as well, so it may be related to me spending most of my time on gamedev and programming and all those fun things. But eh, I don’t think that’s the biggest factor here.

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