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02 02 13

Velocity Raptor

It’s like Jurassic Park meets Sonic, except way better.

Velocity Raptor is a fun little flash game designed to teach kids about the theory of special relatively. What happens if you get closer to traveling the speed of light, what you see, how it works, all that good stuff.
Now it’s not just one of those terrible old “educational games”, no. It’s actually really fun to play, and a bit challenging at times even. I think Test Tube Games did a great job of putting a complicated concept into a simple game, targeted at an even simpler audience. (No offense, kiddos.)

I strongly recommend you go and check it out here. It’s fun to play, and it may clear some things up if you (like me) still don’t grasp some parts of special relativity.

I’ll be cutting the post short here. A busy fun-filled weekend is surrounding me, so there isn’t all that much time for post-writing. Thought I’d share this real quick though.

Have fun!
~ Fang


  • 02/02/2013 (11:12 PM)

    You had me at “raptor” because really, raptors are awesome. I think I’ve played some of Test Tube’s games before and they were always pretty fun.

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