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I’m getting into things again. And this time it may end up being something productive!

So yeah, I went and tried out Unity. For those of you not aware, it’s an engine for making games. Messed around with it a bit before giving up on trial and error, and grabbed myself a good tutorial or two. Started out with a not all that great one, but it taught me the very basic basics, as well as some scripting in JavaScript. I shouldn’t call it that though, it’s more like UnityScript. Anyway, I’d much rather use C# (the more strict language (and strict is better for learning, trust me), and the tutorial’s pacing was a bit bad, so I searched for another one.

And then I stumbled upon this gem. It’s a very well-written tutorial. It explains everything pretty well, the pacing is great, it provides you with good code, and features some solid know-how that can easily be applied to other projects. Granted, he didn’t mention the importance of typing the code yourself instead of copy-pasting it, but hey, people should be smart enough to know that, right?

I finished it today, and have created a very simple 2D platformer, with a 3D graphical touch. Granted, it’s all cubes, but it works, and it’s great. That feeling of proudness has returned, the one you get when learning a new skill and making something that seems real simple, but still has some complicated underlying mechanics. I’d publish it to the internet (yes, that is a thing I can do. Yes, you’d be able to play it,) but I’m not quite satisfied with it yet. It’s kind of boring, luck-based, and the graphics could do with a bit of a boost. Besides, it’s still not much different from the tutorial, so I’d like to give my own twist to it first. After that, who knows, you may get to play it.

Off to bed now, ’twas a tiring day.
~ Fang


  • 03/03/2013 (10:49 PM)

    Hmm .. makes me want to play with Unity too.
    Sometime when there’s enough time..

  • 27/02/2013 (1:50 AM)

    Well done you for doing something productive, and learning something entirely new. Those kind of things are tougher than they look, so I think even if all you have is jumping cubes, you can be proud.

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