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Bloop beep doop, this is today’s post, and this is the best into line I’m willing to give it.

I’m going to jump right into this one, because I ain’t got much time to write this before I head out.
So, some people are willing to make unconventional choices, not follow the masses, experiment with new things. Good, yes or no? Yes? Great! Too bad there’s always a lot of hate heading their way for trying to be different, doing something “stupid”, or whatever label is being stamped onto them as soon as they step out of the herd. People for some reason just aren’t comfortable with those who have extremely different, unique ideas and opinions.

Quick example, team games. If you don’t follow the “meta”, whatever it may be at that point in time, your team mates will often tell you to do something different because “it doesn’t work”, even though they haven’t tried it yourself. They leave no room for trying out new strategies and other things. This is bad. Why? Stuff that isn’t “in the meta” is harder to play against, since you haven’t seen it happen a thousand times before, and need some time to figure out how to effectively counter it.
On top if that, it keeps said meta form getting stagnant. A little fresh ingredient every once in a while goes a long way to make for a continuously refreshing and exciting experience, right?

But no, the herd is sadly more powerful and influential than the lone wolf. Peer pressure and similar social thingemaboops happen, and soon we are back to the bland society we, for some odd reason, strive to be. Void of any misfits, dreamers, and road-pavers.

So, uhm, go and make an unconventional choice today, and don’t give a shit about what people think of it.
~ Fang


  • 02/02/2013 (8:25 AM)

    This is why I play Starcraft. All the things that go wrong in a game are due to me. No one to blame but me.

    Play. Starcraft.

  • 01/02/2013 (10:38 PM)

    But mah status quo! Meh screw the masses, do what feels right. All that other stuff that I insist people do. Thus ensuring that instead of doing what the masses do, they merely do what I tell them to do, and are still sheep.

    Well, as long as someone does something different it’s all good.

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