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That’s a capital T up there. Not sure if it’s right, but you can’t see the difference in that font anyway. Hehe!

We had a serious, informative, decently written post here yesterday. To keep up the “one in twenty” ratio, I’ll have to follow it up with a couple more personal posts, such as this one. Just highlighting my day, telling you folks all about where I went and what I did. Because you secretly want to know real bad, don’t you? Don’t you, you creepy stalker-figure you. In all seriousness though, if someone decides to stalk me after reading my blog than that probably means I’ve achieved something most Blogonauts never will.

Got up hella early for school again. Six AM is seriously way too early in the morning. Surviving the one and a half hour long trip there is rough enough as is, let alone attempting to stay awake during those early few lessons, and then the late ones after that. Okay, okay, it’s not that bad, and we usually keep each other awake with shitty jokes and all that good stuff, but still. It’s kind of inhuman? Nah, this is the way society’s grown to be, so there’s nothing inhuman about it. (Well, there is, but that’s only in the eyes of the minority that’s not part of the herd.)

A couple of friends who haven’t graduated and moved on to college or uni yet had their important presentations today. So of course we went and checked them with a few people. It was pretty okay, and there was some interesting stuff in there.
Afterwards, two of them missed their bus, and the next one wouldn’t be going for an hour or so, so we decided it might be a good idea to go for some shawarma. Nope, shop’s closed. The snackbar near it was still open though, so we went there and had fries instead. Mayonnaise and peanut sauce combo, best sauce combo. Hella thirsty now though, guess lots of salt and stuff does that to your body.

So yeah, overall it was a pretty fun day. Got to get up early again tomorrow as well, and it’ll be a longer day of school than we had today. The long breaks are nice, but they also fuck with the pacing. Ugh, can’t wait to get all that done and over with.

We ain’t going nowhere fast, that’s for sure.
~ Fang


  • 12/02/2013 (10:07 PM)

    Not used to waking up this early either. Slept off one of the practicals today. Tuesdays are gonna be fun .. 8 AM to 8 PM packed with lectures and practicals in different places around the town.

  • 12/02/2013 (1:47 AM)

    I personally do think that a commute that’s an hour and a half long is a bit much. Waking up at half six isn’t too bad though depending on what time you went to bed. When I was at school I was waking up at six, although I did only have to go up the street to catch a bus.

    There was good TV on at six in the morning.

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