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As in, bluh, boring post about all kinds of things.

Woohoo, the school week is over for me already! Granted, I have to put some work into various things we need to do for it, mostly to do with the huge amount of emphasis that’s being put on planning your software systems before building them and blah blah blah. It’s getting kind of boring, to be honest. I’m all for good planning and all, and you want thing to be clear when you’re working with a team, but we go into so much stressing over tiny details it’s a bit ridiculous.

Got an appointment with a customer tomorrow morning. I’ll be teaching him how to change the images on his website. It’s through a CMS (Content Management System), so that all shouldn’t prove too hard. I’ve taught him stuff before, like how to manage his Facebook (and I don’t even have Facebook), and that went fine as well, so I’m pretty confident this time won’t be much different.

Also, I got a huge amount of views on my blog today. About sixty in a single hour, in fact. Looking at the “audience” statistics, a browser named “;” (yes, literally just a semicolon) is taking up quite a large percentage of the views, so my best guess here is that there was a bot crawling my blog. Upon Googling “Fang Talks”, I discovered the old domain name is still there, properly indexed (and in second place) as well. It’s weird that Google hasn’t replaced or removed it when it noticed it redirects to Or do crawlers not follow redirects? Not sure here, but whatever, it’ll probably solve itself.

I’ll go back to messing with Unity now. My colorful graphs are getting some movement thrown into them!
~ Fang


  • 28/02/2013 (4:29 PM)

    We get a lot of weird bot crawling from Russia. Not sure why.

    I can’t plan things out to the T, either. I prefer a good strong outline and wing it from there. It hasn’t failed me yet, but it’s not very professional, I know.

    Also, I bookmarked your reddit page. We need to set up another account. We had a reddit account previously, but it was pretty much barred from posting anything when we put up a funny picture we drew. Apparently you can’t market ANYTHING about yourself on Reddit and if you do, they insta-ban you. Would have been nice to know from the start…

  • 28/02/2013 (8:53 AM)

    You and your customers… making money. :(
    The sooner school weeks end the better.

  • 28/02/2013 (1:39 AM)

    Well I would think as a wannabe programmer, or actual programmer (you’re nifty with code at least) you’d appreciate the minute details. You need to have every single character in the right place and if one thing is just wrong, the whole thing goes out the window.

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