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Praise be to ~zod.

And for once, that really is to be taken literally.

Let’s provide you folks with a little bit of context here. Every two months or so there’s this huge party called Beestfeest. It’s mostly for the students from the place where it’s held, but some of my friends who study there invited me and a few others over. And… so it happened? We met up and traveled there together, having dinner along the way (which caused us to be full for the rest of the night, ugh McDonalds). The traveling took a bit over two hours, I’d say.

So a friend picked us up at the bus station, and we walked to the party. Well, there was a pre-party first, dubbed “the queue” by most. It’s basically standing in line, waiting for the doors to open and getting in. It’s much better than it sounds though, and actually was quite fun on its own. The atmosphere (or should I say ambience? Oh English.) was really nice. People had brought their own drinks and snacks to consume during the one plus hour wait.

Once inside it was a bit more regular a party. Two rooms, DJs, bars, all that good stuff. It was pretty fun, and we didn’t leave ’til 4 AM. We could’ve stayed another hour, but we were all getting a tad tired, and most of the people there had left already anyway.
So we walked to the train station, but the first train didn’t leave ’til 5:30 AM, so we had to wait there for, like, an hour or so. As it turns out, sitting on the floor can get you arrested. We got off with a warning though, and the dude said it was okay to sit as long as we didn’t fall asleep.

It was quite surreal though. We were pretty much the only people at the train station, save for a few others. It was weird seeing people heading for work while we were trying to get home and sleep. It’s one of those things that’s been on my list for a while now, to party all night, head home, and don’t sleep in between. ‘Twas a great experience.
Ended up getting home around 8 AM, then quickly got some sleep, got up at 3 PM, and am now about to head to a friend’s for another long night.

~ Fang


  • 08/02/2013 (10:30 PM)

    But McDonalds doesn’t fill people up. You can have the largest meal there and be hungry again in a few hours. Atmosphere was the correct word I believe. I think technically either would have done, but atmosphere was the most correct. Sounds like a pretty fun night though. Homelessness is sadly illegal in some places, and you can get in trouble for sleeping outside.

  • 08/02/2013 (9:40 PM)

    Brings back memories of my youth…I won’t say how long ago that was *ahem*

    Yep #yolo indeed, Fang, #yolo, indeed.

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