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If you're reading this, step away from your screen for a while.

And I don’t even care. ‘Cause it’s break time!

I was going to make this a TYDKA post about the Apple Pippin, because it’s just that hilarious, but that’ll have to wait. I didn’t start writing it in time, and I have much more important news to share.
Only a mere two weeks into the third period, and we already have ourselves another lovely break. It’s only a single week, but it’s there, and it’s time I’ll definitely be using to… end up not doing much with. Oh buoy.

Yeah, it’s getting kind of silly. What with only three school days each week, and now with a completely free week, I don’t have much to do. Well, I do, but at the same time I don’t. I hang around on the internet, play some League, contact some friends, and that’s about it? Oh, yeah, I do tiny amounts of work daily on new sections of as well as pray to God tiny tidbits of inspirations for my story come to me, then jot them down and expand upon them where I can.

That’s not what I like to be doing though. I’d like to actually get my portfolio finished, I want to get some more solid plot points worked out for the story, I want to learn some actually useful Java, and I want to be able to play new songs on guitar.
I never really get to those because… Ugh no, stop right there. I have no idea why, or maybe I do. But I don’t want this to turn into another one of those self reflection posts. We’ve had way too many of those already, and both our times are better spent on something else.

Instead, I’ll leave you with a shitty question: Why do you, or do you not achieve what you want to achieve, on a daily basis?
~ Fang


  • 14/02/2013 (4:22 PM)

    If I’m tired, I’ll achieve nothing all day. I’ll take a nap, feel like my day was wasted, and self sabotage. However, if I’m alert and up all day, watch out world, I’m gonna write a whole novel today!

  • 14/02/2013 (9:07 AM)

    Sleep deprivation is a big one for me. I tend to do a lot of work late into the night and as I realize I’m falling asleep I’ll try and distract myself to stay awake so I can keep working.

    Eventually, I realize that even the distractions aren’t working and it’s time to go to bed.

  • 14/02/2013 (2:04 AM)

    Well usually it’s about drive and motivation. It’s about how much you really want to do something. Although lately I have done a lot more writing than I usually do. Tuesday was full of reading and writing and today I wrote 2000 words in Caspian and 1000 words in Immortal Space. I think you might be taking too much on, so work out what’s more important to you right now. I think this portfolio is something big that needs to be done. Focus most of your attention on that, and get it done. Feel the pride and accomplishment that comes with it, then you can move on to other ventures. When I find myself unable to bring myself to do something, it’s because I feel there’s something I need to do more. Once that’s done, I get a lot more done.

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