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Destination: this fucker won’t be waking before noon city. Population: Fang.

I had a lovely weekend. As usual, we spent the Friday night over at a friend’s, playing some games, watching series, and me beating everyone at poker (not really, but it happens quite frequently). It was great, but it was half past six in the morning by the time I got home and went to bed. Eh, totally worth it.
Then yesterday and today, we hung out at another friend’s place, since he was home alone, and spent the night watching movies, playing games, talking about a few programming things here and there. Went to bed at six, got up at around half past eleven, meaning none of us got the much-needed eight hours of sleep. Eh, totally worth it.

What’s less fun is to think that this will be causing me to go to bed later and sleep in longer. That’s a trend that’s been going on for a while now, but regular school starts again tomorrow, and I have to get up at six if I want to be able to easily take my time to eat breakfast and catch my train. Considering my recent bed-time habits, that’s going to be… tough, to say the least.

I probably should be heading to bed already, especially considering I’m kind of tired, but eh, I’ve decided now would be the right time to find a fun tutorial for making an actual small game in Java, or something similar. We probably won’t be getting any real programming the coming few weeks of school, so this might be a nice exercise to keep my skills up (and probably ahead as well). Hell, this period doesn’t sound like much fun. The only classes we have are “Design”, by which they mean software design, as in the code, not the UI, “Requirements”, God knows what that is, and some kind of project-related thing. Hopefully that’ll be fun, ’cause the others don’t sound like much.

Ugh and I still haven’t written another Blogger T&T, I’m so sorry.
~ Fang


  • 04/02/2013 (4:07 PM)

    I used to struggle with my sleep schedule until I actually made one. I know, it sounds so lame, set an actual bedtime and waking up time, but after a while it works. Just gotta stick to it.

  • 03/02/2013 (10:51 PM)

    You really need to be getting to bed earlier yeah. If you’re not already in bed I will be disappoint. Though sometimes it sounds like you could afford to skip a day or two if it was really needed. As long as you were having fun though it’s all good. Last night I was up until about three in the morning and awake for 10.

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