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What delightful anguish
23 02 13


Haha, jokes are great!

So there’s all kinds of jokes. There’s a lot of short, quick jokes, but also ones that take a bit longer to tell. There’s jokes about blonde people, jokes about foreigners, jokes about people like you and me. “Your mom” jokes, internet culture jokes. Morbid jokes, over-the-top jokes. Jokes everyone can understand, and in-jokes that only a select few will get. And then there’s the wide variety of puns. Oh boy, the puns.

Puns are great. Puns are the best kinds of jokes. It’s so easy to just slip them in without people noticing. And then a day or two later they recall their conversation with you, the joke sinks in, and they go “haha, did he really say that?” It’s great. There’s also characteristic puns. Fish or cat puns, for example. Or chemistry puns, those are cool too.

When you come across a great joke, you’re bound to re-use it, right? Look me in the eye and tell me you haven’t ever re-used someone else’s joke. What, you haven’t? Liar!
Nah, I don’t care about the truth. But hey, there’s still plenty of people who never make up their own jokes, and some even get popular thanks to their rampart recycling of shitty jokes. This is what most of the internet is about, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think credit needs to be given when re-using a joke, I just want people to be a bit more creative and make up their own for a change! I’m getting sick and tired of all these kids throwing around their “meme” jokes, is all.

And all that without cracking even the smallest of jokes.
~ Fang

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