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Holy dicks!

And we’re still here.

Those of you who’ve been here before, more specifically halfway last year, might recall me flipping my shit over how I wasn’t going to see my friends as often anymore, and how I was afraid things might fall apart. I knew I’d try to maintain regular contact and all that, but I was just so afraid of losing everyone. Well, as some of you told me, there really was no reason to think that.

It’s been about half a year now, and I’m still having regular contact with most people. If anything I see them at the monthly reunion party thing, which happens to be today, actually. And that’s great. Sure, the time I see them for has shortened, but they’re still great people, and we still get along well. We’re still friends. Some I see more often than others, but that’s okay, it more or less has always been like that. It’s lovely that not all that much’s changed, actually.

I say “not all that much”, but that’s not entirely true. Not that I care, but eh. I’m just rambling now, trying to stretch out the post.
My point was that it’s great to not have lost any friends yet. And I don’t intend on letting that happen anytime soon. That’s also why I’ll be cutting the post here, since it’s about time I take my leave and head over there.

Head over there, through the snow.
~ Fang


  • 10/02/2013 (7:46 PM)

    It’s really great(and amazing!) that you’ve managed to keep in touch with your friends…it’s the one thing that scared me a lot too but that was before I realised that even I would get just as busy as my “busy” friends…but then hey,what’s life if not change?!

  • 10/02/2013 (1:49 AM)

    I hope you had a great time with your friends at the reunion party, Fang!

  • 09/02/2013 (10:37 PM)

    Well have fun at the reunion party thing. Remember that if you see them for less time then you need to enjoy it more, and it might even lead to you guys being closer.

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