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Obscure references!

A few of my friend and I have a week off of school, and that’s pretty noticeable.

It’s great actually, that our breaks all fall in the same week. We hang out a lot now, instead of just seeing each other once during the weekend. They came over last night and the night before, we went bowling today (and I totally won everything for some reason), and I’m about to leave for a little jamsession. Real nice that we have some time to spend together, hanging out and all.

But then there’s the thing where I’m not getting things done that need to get done. I want to set this and that up, and there’s also still my portfolio which I want to get developed. To be honest, I’ve been dropping the ball on a few things recently. And it feels pretty bad. I wouldn’t miss time with my friends for the world, mind you, but a man has his personal business as well, you know?

Eh, I shouldn’t care that much and just go with the flow. Things will get themselves done over time, right? Right?
Okay maybe not, but I’ll get to it, eventually. And once I put my mind to it for a solid day, there’ll be twenty billion items I can scratch off of my list. Right? Nah, not really, but I can get things done pretty efficiently if I want to, so let’s just say coming Friday’s one of those days where I go all-out on a project. Hopefully?

Enjoy your time, mortals.
~ Fang


  • 21/02/2013 (6:50 PM)

    I’ve tried blocking off my personal life, but it doesn’t help. If I don’t socialize with my friends, I go mad and my creativity suffers. It’s all about finding a good balance of both.

  • 21/02/2013 (11:11 AM)

    I feel the same thing too. School work feels like it interferes a lot with my personal life too.

  • 20/02/2013 (10:46 PM)

    Well yeah things will only get done in time if you actually only do get around to it. You’re good at your work though (or at least good at getting it done eventually) so don’t worry so much about it. Just make sure you get some work done, every so often, and it’ll be done.

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