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I just realized, once again, how great the internet is.

So there’s this guy I’ve been playing League with for a short while now. Met him online, he was asking around for people to play with. Our roles go very well together, so I threw him a message “yeah, I need some practice too”, and so it happened. We met up through Skype, and played a couple of games. I found out he lives pretty close to home (my home, that is), in Germany. It’s not all that far away, but it’s still cool I made an international friend, just like that.

That’s only a more recent story though. I know hands full of nice folks from all over the world. A few from America, but most of them are from Europa. Mark, for example, doesn’t live too far away, and hell, as you may know I even went and visited Sophia in Sweden last summer. There’s also this guy I go way back with, from the United Arab Emirates. We don’t chat as often as we used to, but he’s still a good friend. I remember calling him when he was recovering from an awful injury. It was short, and kind of confusing, but great nonetheless.

It’s cool that I’ve got these connections all over the world. If I ever find myself stranded somewhere, or need a couch to hop, then there’s always a bunch of people I can trust. Whether they’ll allow me is a whole other story, but at least I know they aren’t about to violently murder me while I’m there.

The internet is cool like that. Now go and make some friends!
~ Fang


  • 19/02/2013 (4:38 PM)

    Verily the internet is a modern marvel.

  • 19/02/2013 (9:24 AM)

    I’m exactly the same way, except none of my online friends lived anywhere close to me. :( The closest one lives across the country.

  • 19/02/2013 (1:57 AM)

    Well, you’re slightly wrong in one assumption. While I’m happy to let you stay on my sofa, I WILL turn you in to a coat while you’re asleep and sell your organs to a crooked doctor.

    But you’re right in how awesome it is that we can just connect to people from anywhere. It’s something I still enjoy.

    Oh, and of course I wouldn’t violently murder you. Not while you’re asleep anyway. I imagine the violence would wake you up.

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