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So… I’m looking into another web host again.

Ever since I discovered my current host is a GoDaddy reseller, I haven’t been too pleased with it. Because, let’s face it, GoDaddy sucks balls. Their founder shoots elephants for fun, they came out to support SOPA, and their advertisement is sexist, not to mentioned downright rude towards sysadmins worldwide. Also, dealing with customer service can be a painstaking task, having to be very precise with your questions, and re-stating your question at least once before you get an acceptable answer.

On top of that, the 150 gigs of web space I have available right now may seem like more than enough, but I have some ideas rolling around that will possibly require much more. Imagine my surprise when I found Hosting24.
They provide “unlimited” space and bandwidth, for a little under the price I’m paying right now. Seems like a sweet deal, right? Yeah, but then came the “unlimited bandwidth” thing. I asked them about it, and after repeating my question three times (not even kidding here), I found out that if I get more than 600 hits in 5 minutes, my website gets “temporarily suspended”. I assume this is just for 5 minutes tops, but still.

Did some maths, and that equals to 120 hits per minute, a total of 172.800 hits per day. Granted, my blog only gets over 120 hits a day on busy days, but what is my ideas turn into pretty well-visited websites? I’m not sure on the daily amount of hits on not-that-popular-but-still-visited websites, so I’m not sure if this’ll be limiting me. Okay, if things catch on I’ll easily be able to afford an even more robust host, but still, I want to be prepared.

Maybe I’m just better off sticking with this host for a while regardless. I’ve been jumping to a new one each year now, not sure if that’s a good thing. Eh, we’ll see what happens. Still got ’til March anyway, that’s when this host needs to be renewed.

In better news, the portfolio’s making some progress.
~ Fang


  • 16/02/2013 (8:17 PM)

    Egad…GoDaddy sounds rather dasterly.

  • 16/02/2013 (11:59 AM)

    Generally speaking, nothing is free on the internet. There’s always a catch.
    Just throwing it out there.

  • 16/02/2013 (11:19 AM)

    Hosting 24 does sound good actually….give it a shot and yeah switch back if you don’t like them.And make sure you don’t pay them!;)

  • 16/02/2013 (12:17 AM)

    I really think you need to find a host you like. You seem to disagree with GoDaddy on a moral basis, so you can do without it. I say give these Hosting24 guys a go, and if problems arise, you can switch…again…

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