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Double-reverse irony

A late and somewhat drunk-ish post, but bear with me.

So as most of you know, my posts aren’t always of triple-A quality. But that’s okay really. I don’t care much for the high-quality standard I should actually aspire to reach, I just write blog posts for my own enjoyment. Granted, I sometimes write posts made for the people who happen to stumble upon my blog, but the large majority is just personal posts describing the stuff that happened during my day and all that jazz.

Writing blog posts isn’t purely a personal outlet for feelings, though. It’s also a huge writing exercise. Most of the sentences you read on this here blog are made up on the go. Hell, entire posts often are! Thing is, even though it isn’t the highest grade of quality I pump out, it’s still something. And it’s good for both practicing both my English (don’t be afraid to point out grammar errors!) and general writing skills.

I really need the experience when it comes to writing actual stories, and I feel like my blog, with it’s “post a day” policy, is helping me with that. Sure they aren’t real stories, but I’m writing my posts as a narrator, a skill which’ll often come in handy when writing proper good things.

Point in case, writing blog posts may or may not make you a slightly better writer.
~ Fang

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