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Well, it’s been here for a while now, but it’s finally moved to the proper domain name!

If you take a look at the address bar of your browser right now, you’ll probably notice something’s different. That’s right, I’ve finally managed to switch to the domain I’ve been wanting to move to for a while now. It came with the release of Fang Talks 3.0, and has also been dubbed the New Fang. It hadn’t gotten much spotlight yet though, since my blog hadn’t moved to the new domain yet. But after a long time of waiting for customer support, here it is!

Those of you who’ve been on earlier today may have seen the blog act a bit whacky. Specifically, all the neat styling was missing. This was pretty much unavoidable, but it lasted a bit longer than I had thought. No worries though, all’s working fine now.
To wrap it up, I’d use some .htaccess trickery to get rid of the “.html” at the end up the URLs, and remove the “p/” parts of page URLs to make it all look a bit neater. I might even have tried something fancy with the regular post URLs as well, but alas I simply can’t. It’s not possible for Blogger blogs to use a custom .htaccess file, so I can’t do any awesome URL rewriting. It’s a shame, really. Blogger remains way too limited for those who know what they’re doing.

At some point someone’ll inevitably tell me to switch over to WordPress. My response, “nah”. Honestly, even though it’s a comparably bad platform, Blogger has grown on me. It’s allowed me to meet a great deal of awesome people, and I have fond memories of using it for over two years now. It has its flaws, and that’s terrible, but I wouldn’t switch to WordPress. At least not very easily, that is.

For now, bask in the glory which is my official number one favorite domain name.
~ Fang


  • 06/02/2013 (10:07 AM)

    Yay it’s here!
    And a good thing at that.What I’m looking forward to most at is the fiction,can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up!:)

  • 06/02/2013 (8:03 AM)

    Congrats dude!
    Well Blogger’s free though (not considering the expenses of buying the domain and everything), and for some reason I don’t like spending money on the internet.

  • 05/02/2013 (10:41 PM)

    I’m just glad all this effort has finally come to fruition at long last and you have the domain you’ve been after for more than long enough now. Yay for

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