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I’m starting to see a pattern in my posts.

They’re mostly random, but with strong spikes in content on a particular every so often. This week (and possibly for many other weeks to come), it’s gamedev. I have some pretty neat ideas, I’m just lacking the experience and know-how on how to execute them. I’ve finished all but the Star tutorial from Catlike Coding. I intend to fiddle around with the more mechanics-y stuff after that. I’ve been inspired to try my hand at randomly generated dungeons, and after seeing someone’s “chase and flee” AI and getting confirmation on my ideas on how it works, I’ve challenged myself to make something similar. Will probably end up doing a hide-and-seek type of game as well, golly.

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As in, bluh, boring post about all kinds of things.

Woohoo, the school week is over for me already! Granted, I have to put some work into various things we need to do for it, mostly to do with the huge amount of emphasis that’s being put on planning your software systems before building them and blah blah blah. It’s getting kind of boring, to be honest. I’m all for good planning and all, and you want thing to be clear when you’re working with a team, but we go into so much stressing over tiny details it’s a bit ridiculous.

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I’m getting into things again. And this time it may end up being something productive!

So yeah, I went and tried out Unity. For those of you not aware, it’s an engine for making games. Messed around with it a bit before giving up on trial and error, and grabbed myself a good tutorial or two. Started out with a not all that great one, but it taught me the very basic basics, as well as some scripting in JavaScript. I shouldn’t call it that though, it’s more like UnityScript. Anyway, I’d much rather use C# (the more strict language (and strict is better for learning, trust me), and the tutorial’s pacing was a bit bad, so I searched for another one.

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Woo, I’m writing more about writing again!

A while back I talked about how blogging can be a good writing exercise. (Well, I attempted to, at least. Don’t think I got my points across, haha.) Another good exercise is just getting some experience under your belt. I really want to get to writing that one secret project which shall remain secret for a while now, but I’m afraid I’ll just balls it up because I don’t have that much writing experience yet. (That, and the planning isn’t complete, yet.)

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24 02 13

The end is near

Actually, it’s right here.

I’m not talking about something dramatic though. Nah, we’ve seen what happens to that stuff last year. Instead, I’m talking about something on a much smaller scale. My break ends tomorrow! Now, I know what you’re thinking, that is pretty bad. And look at you, receiving bonus points for getting something right! I’ll have to completely readjust to a way more terrible schedule. I have to get up early again, manage to pay attention in class, all that stupid stuff. Good thing I only have three days of school a week.

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