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What is even the deal with wed developers these days?

I read a post about this today, and I feel like I should make one as well. The whole deal is kind of stupid, actually. Those among the crowd who are a tad older will probably remember the early internet (the one for the masses, that is, not NASA’s home server). Shitty websites built using tables, awkwardly indented using “1×1.gif” images. Sure all was fresh and new, but after web development aged a bit, we were still using those terrible methods for making our web pages work.

Luckily, we’ve grown out of that by now. Most of us, that is. There’s still the occasional dork who insists on using tables, but that’s baby-tier web development. Real men don’t fuck (around) with tables. Anyway, we’ve been taking gigantic leaps forward in technology since then, and so the web has had to try and keep up with that. And it did pretty well. The people using it, however, didn’t.

Point in case: Remember your mom’s fancy new iPad? Your dad’s Series 9 Samsung laptop, or that obscure IBM screen your brother uses? What do they all have in common? Their resolution is amazingly high! At over two hundred pixels per inch, pixels are really hard to see, making everything look a lot smoother, prettier, easier to read, and so on.

But what’s that? All the websites you visit look hideous on those devices! Well, yeah, that’s where people’ve been lacking. Hi-DPI displays have been around for quite some time now, and are pretty widespread (think iPhone). Then why are web developers not prepping their websites with higher resolution images or Scalable Vector Graphics? Honestly, I have no idea. Just because their bigger desktop brothers haven’t hit the mainstream yet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort towards it.

More people should go along with the rising trend. It really isn’t that hard, and webkit browsers already have a really handy CSS function in place (-webkit-image-set()) to help you with it. And of course there’s also icon fonts, SVGs, and some JavaScript trickery. Where are your excuses now, eh?

Oh and I had the first exam of this exam week today. More on that tomorrow!
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  • 07/01/2013 (11:09 PM)

    I hope the exam went well.

    There are a few reasons for things like this really. One is that those devices aren’t prevalent yet. Well, that’s debatable, but not everything has that high a resolution. It’s kind of like cancelling the production of standard definition things because HD exists. Not everyone has things capable of HD production. When you think about it that’s all a higher resolution is. A higher definition, and even though the tech has been around for a while, not everyone has them. Creating some kind of version just for those devices sounds like a nice workaround (sort of like a mobile version) but it’s possibly expensive and time consuming. The world will always move on, and there are always people who will move on a little slower and that, for various reasons, can not be forced.

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