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Another League of Legends post, OH BUOY!

As the title says I had a great time playing LoL today. After getting my ass kicked in vs AI intermediate, I asked some people for advice, and they all told me to go PvP since it gives better experience. After all, the bots are hella predictable, and don’t pull some of the crazy stunts an actual human sometimes does.

Anyway, I stepped into the queue for a PvP game. Took me like five damn minutes to get into a game, actually. Each and every time there was someone who declined the match or simply didn’t respond at all. After a lot of sighing, however, the teams could be made.

I decided to go support Soraka again, hadn’t played her in a few days. Went bottom lane with our AD Carry, Varus. Got a few wards up around our lane once the minions reached us, and found we would be laning against the enemy’s Varus and Nami. Pretty close to being a mirror lane, but Nami is more offensive than Soraka. They pushed us to our tower a couple of times, eventually destroying it. That wasn’t before we got a few kills in and took their tower first, though. They continued playing somewhat aggressively, but my heals and mana boosts kept Varus in the lane for as long as he needed.

Laning phase came to an end, mid lane was being team-pushed really hard. We lost the two outer turrets there pretty quickly, and had a bit of trouble recovering, especially since none of their turrets in that lane were down yet. We retaliated though, swiftly capturing their first mid tower. While we were up there, focussing on a team fight, the enemy Garen pushed top pretty hard and got into our base there. Part of our team rushed down there, forcing the rest of us to back off of the team fight. The enemy quickly followed us though, and we lost two Inhibitors and a Nexus Turret.

One of our teammates asked “gg?”, but we told him the war was not over yet. We fought hard, won some lane control back, and rushed into their base. A long struggle followed, but we eventually got two of their Inhibitors and managed to finish off their Nexus.

I finished with 2 deaths, 20 assists and, oh wow, 4 kills! Most of those kills were accidental, since supports aren’t supposed to be the killers, but hey, it ended well! Both teams were pretty good sports, a few compliments got thrown around after the game, and we had a really enjoyable experience.

…that was a long post, and probably none of you understood a rat’s ass about it. Sorry.
~ Fang


  • 06/01/2013 (9:10 AM)

    Not bad on the assists! Jeez. Just to make you feel better, I promise I did understand. I’m a Cho’Gath player myself so I’m right there with you. Grats, man!

    • 06/01/2013 (11:52 AM)

      Thanks! Yeah, Cho is pretty cool to play. Still have to get the jungling down though. ):
      I wanted to check out your blog, but your Google+ profile pops up, which provided me with basically no information. Mind posting a link?

    • 11/01/2013 (8:38 AM)

      Huh…wonder why that is…I will have to look at that…

      Here is is though!

  • 06/01/2013 (1:53 AM)

    …Yeah I barely understood a word of that. But it sounds like you won so YAY! PVP is always better than bots. Bots are predictable, and don’t provide as much as a challenge as actual players. It’s why PvE (or whatever they call it in LoL) is more for practice and training.

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