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Really Stupid Injury

Okay, okay, I’m going to rant. Please bear with me.

Continuing on with my venture towards the completion of a project for which there are less than four days left, I can not afford to waste much time. Today, however, I was forced to. Why? Blogger. As I’ve said before, it’s a pretty powerful system, but dear lord can it be clunky sometimes!

A while ago, you may have started noticing other “blogspot” addresses pop up, namely ones with an extension (.nl,, .se, you name it) corresponding to the region you live in. While at worst a small annoyance to most users, this change has caused me to waste half my day messing around with something that wasn’t meant to function.

In Blogger templates, you can use conditional tags, which are basically Blogger’s custom if-statements which you can use in your HTML code. One of the reasons to use this, is to display specific content only on a specific page. I was trying to do just that. But nope, the recent change made a certain variable pretty much useless.

Now kids, remember. If you ever see “blog.url” mentioned anywhere, replace it with “blog.canonicalUrl”. Also you may want to make sure you’re using the address if you’re going to compare it to the canonical URL. That’s how that stuff works, pal.

I’ll probably do some more detailed how-to thingamabobs once I’ve got that still not very secret project launched.
~ Fang


  • 18/01/2013 (3:08 AM)

    Does WordPress suffer from this nonsense too?

    • 18/01/2013 (11:17 AM)

      Not that I know of. I believe WordPress has something similar, special tags and all that, but don’t think it has the shit that Google provides us with.

  • 18/01/2013 (1:24 AM)

    Yes…yes…let the anger flow through you. Feed your glorious Google overlords your delicious salty nerdtears. They sustain them. Although really, yeah, sucky situation :( But you’re a webdev, you have the power to make every website (at least the ones you make) adhere to your standards, and can bring about your megalomania induced forced future :D yay.

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