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To most of you it’s no secret that I like soundtracks, a lot.

It’s really great music, generally. It’s probably because it doesn’t use words to convey a message, but instead relies on sounds, tones, patterns, and so on. Far more complicated, all the more beautiful. I don’t care whether it’s being played along with some video or not, there’s always a hidden message in there, trying to reach out to the attentive listeners.

But then when I download an original score for a movie (say, The Tourist), I find that about half of the of the songs in there is pure gold, fantastic, beautiful music, and the other half is the really slow-paced classical stuff, meant to go with the romantic scenes and such. I’m not saying they’re not good pieces, not at all, but I personally don’t like them, so I’m always a bit bummed whenever I find there’s a lot of those songs in the collection.

They do wonders when they’re played in the movie, what with it fitting really well in context and all, but they just don’t work for me when played on their own. It’s slow paced, and there usually isn’t much interesting going on beside a few background flutes or other instruments that are a bit hard to pick up on.

Do you ever listen to soundtracks of movies, games, or whatever?
~ Fang


  • 13/01/2013 (2:32 PM)

    I do. But I’m picky, choosing only the songs I like and ignoring the rest.

    The only CDs I’ve ever purchased are from games actually…

  • 13/01/2013 (7:53 AM)

    I very, VERY rarely listen to soundtracks. There are a couple of exceptions here and there, the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow soundtrack being one of those exceptions, but for whatever reason I very rarely get into them.

    I can’t really even give you a reason, either. I just never seem to have gotten into many of them. *shrug* Sometimes I find specific songs that I like from a movie or game, but not the soundtrack itself.

  • 13/01/2013 (12:51 AM)

    I listen to a few soundtracks, especially the soundtrack to the anime Naruto. I really do enjoy anime soundtracks. But you’re right in that when taken out of the show, and listened to on their own, sometimes they just aren’t the same. However a nice battle song can get you pumped up and ready to attack the day.

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