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This public service announcement is brought to you by monkeys behind typewriters.

I’ll be messing with some settings on both my server and this blog, so chances are it won’t always be behaving the way you expect it to, if it even behaves at all. Sorry in advance for any inconveniences, I’ll try to keep any hiccups to a minimum. So please, don’t freak out if you see your favorite blog is down!

Other than that, nothing special today, except for me pretty much losing every single game of LoL I play. It’s ridiculous. Either I get matched against really good opponents for some reason, or I’m just playing that bad. It’s a real bummer after having won most of the solo queue normals. Guess I forgot how to handle defeat. I mean sure, I’m a good sport. I don’t hate on my teammates if they mess up, I compliment my opponents on their good plays, and don’t ever surrender. If I have to go down, I’ll do it fighting.

It’s just really demotivating to lose so many games in a row so hard. Barely get any kills, tons of deaths, ugh. Maybe I should just go back to playing support and pray to God we don’t get an aggressive bot lane.

But enough about that, half of you didn’t follow anyway.
~ Fang


  • 21/01/2013 (8:12 AM)

    AARGH! I hate LoL. MMORPG’s are teh suck. >:(
    If you want to start playing something, start Solitaire (yes that card game). I started yesterday and it’s actually really good.

  • 21/01/2013 (4:32 AM)

    Hey, I’ve been following your blog. Or are you talking about LoL?

    Also, switch to Starcraft. Come to the dark side!

  • 21/01/2013 (2:11 AM)

    This is why I told you you need to play World of Warcraft and PVP as the Alliance. That’s pretty much what happened to them. They don’t even try anymore because they always lose so hard. It really drains your spirit pretty quickly. I never give up, sure, but even fighting with everything barely produces results.

    I’m looking forward to the end product of all of this downtime.

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