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get rekt

So my lil’ sis checked to see if there was anything in the mail. There was, a fat envelope for me.

Too bad all the keys for the mail were out of the house and I thus had to wait three hours until I could get my little package. But after that, I finally got it, that one screwdriver that is needed to open up a Game Boy game cartridge! So I opened it up, and started working on it!

Boy was it a pain in the ass to get the dead battery out of there. The two tabs that connected it and held it in place were soldered on pretty tightly, so it took me a long time of prying and messing around to get it out of there. I even used a soldering iron to get the bottom tab loose. But in the end I succeeded, successfully replaced the battery with a new one, and can finally play Pokemon Silver again.

Too bad there’s very little left of this Christmas break, and that I still haven’t studied yet. Well, at least I went and checked what exactly I had to learn.

There’s very little hope left for me isn’t there.
~ Fang


  • 03/01/2013 (10:27 PM)

    Nah there’s still some hope for you. You have Pokemon Silver. That gives everyone hope. Well done on getting it fixed too by the way, I’ve never heard of someone doing that.

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