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If you’re reading this, and this is not your first time visiting, you’ll probably notice the blog looks a bit different than usual. Good eyes! The new design is part of the annual overhaul. You know, the one that is done to celebrate my blogiversary? That’s probably not the correct spelling, but hey, it isn’t even a real word, and you probably forgot about this special day anyway. This concludes my second year up here in the Blogosphere, and marks the start of my third. I bet it’ll be a great one!

Over the course of these two years I’ve met some great people. Sadly, I’ve had to see some of them go, but others sticked with me, we stuck together, and that’s great. It’s one of the many gifts that come with blogging, and the most beautiful one at that. So a big thank you goes out to everyone who’s been with me in the past, those who are currently still with me, and those who will be with me in the future. The Blogosphere wouldn’t be here without you folks!

I should stop writing those sappy paragraphs though, where I basically drool over all those pictures I’ve secretly taken of you guys.
This whole “write a post each day every day” adventure has been a fun ride so far. Truth be told, kind of tedious and hard to keep up with sometimes, especially when inspiration for something interesting is lacking. But it’s totally worth it. My English has improved tenfold (okay, maybe not that much), my writing skills took some jumps, and I’d say it even has benefited me as a person a little bit.

Enough about that though. I’ve said my thanks and told my story, I’m not stretching that much longer. Let’s more on to the deal with the eye candy here. It should display correctly on all of you who have updated your browsers to their latest versions, and don’t use Internet Explorer. If you’re in that minority, then… you’re probably better off somewhere else.
Oh and did I mention it’s hi-DPI ready? Go view it on your hi-DPI devices. iPhones, iPads, obscure IBM screens, whatever!

I had hoped to be able to move the blog to my brand new super awesome domain, (web portal of sorts, not much to see yet), but sadly the DNS zones are taking forever to update, and thus Blogger won’t accept the new domain yet. Either that or I screwed up somewhere, let’s hope it’s the former.
Yes, .io is a legit top-level domain. It’s the one used for the Indian Ocean region, but it’s also the go-to TLD for developers, what with the .io being short and standing in reference to I/O Input/Output.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be tweaking little things that need to be tweaked, the domain being one of them. Over the coming months, I’ll be working on other things related to the New Fang, as this whole project is called internally. I’ll put up a portfolio, and possibly give a few other things a shot as well. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

If you spot a bug somewhere, please contact me (there’s a proper page for that now!) or drop a comment on this post. Same goes for if you have any questions, suggestions, or what have you not.

I hope you all enjoy the new look at much as I do (the load times sure do), and let’s make this another wonderful year of blogging!
~ Fang


  • 22/01/2013 (12:04 AM)

    Posting everyday is hard. Very tough.
    I salute you for sticking to your regime for so long (well I don’t exactly know how long) and the new design looks sick. Orange and white looks real sweet.

  • 21/01/2013 (10:28 PM)

    I haven’t spotted anything that shouldn’t be, but the new design looks pretty awesome. I just wish I hadn’t been spoiled so I could be all really surprised and wonder what happened. It can be a bit tiring posting every day but you’re right, it’s worth it. Some would even consider it an achievement to post every day for as long as me and you have. I’m about half a year behind you. I think I’m four months, or five months. Either way, we’ve been at it a while. Your English is, to me, pretty much perfect. Unless you’re referring to your spoken English skills.

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