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30 01 13

Colors are hard

They are hard, and nobody understands, even though some pretend to do.

You know that feeling when picking out the color you want to paint your walls, or the color of your new carpet? Or perhaps what color to paint your shelf? Does it look good? Does it match nicely with the other colors? Won’t you get tired of it over time? You usually end up mindlessly flipping through one of those color swatch flyers, or whatever those things are called. And then a color pops in mind, you search for it, find it, try it out, and then you see how shit it actually looks when applied in real life.

I’m at one of those points right now. I’m working on my portfolio site, and I have an idea of the kind of design I want (classy, professional, but with that personal touch that makes it feel less distant), but I’m not all that confident about it yet. The fact that I’m unable to recreate the color palette I have in my head isn’t helping either. Hell, I just quickly jotted down another color idea, just for backup, but it may end up being the better option of the two. (For those who are wondering, I wanted to go for a white-ish page with red lining and small elements and stuff, but it seems really hard to pull off, sadly.)

Speaking of colors, I feel like my walls may need a make-over. They’re still the same light blue color as they became when I moved into this room, and it’s nice and all, but maybe a change would be nice? Or at least change the color of the wall behind my desk to a more creativity-inspiring one. …I just realized how Feng-Shui that sounded, but that’s okay. Modern interior designers still ain’t got shit on that stuff.

Also it’s almost Thursday already which means the week is almost over, pff. Well, at least I have a fun weekend coming up, and the week after is probably going to be interesting as well. Got stuff to look forward to, but damn, I still feel a bit lousy.

Got to make the best of it though!
~ Fang


  • 31/01/2013 (4:11 PM)

    I’m no good with colors, either. My gay brother-in-law on the other hand, they come to him naturally. He painted all of the walls in this house, many of them different colors, and it just looks amazing.

  • 31/01/2013 (7:24 AM)

    You’ll get it…try not to agonize over every tiny detail which is what I usually do.
    It’ll come together…white and red sounds pretty good but unless I actually see what you meant I won’t be able to say…All the best with it though!:)

  • 31/01/2013 (1:48 AM)

    Well you’re pretty good at this whole site design thing. So I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with something you like. My room looks less impressive than I thought it would when I came up with “purple room!” but I still like how it looks. Though I want to paint the rest of the house up too and yeah, that stuff is hard. It’ll be something everyone has to live with, not just me.

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