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23 01 13

Any requests?

Yesterday I said I’ll be doing a few Blogger how-to’s.

And I will, really! Separate page for a widget (archive for example), link to a random post, hip hurray! I was wondering though, is there anything else you guys would like to know how to do? It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything that’s used on my blog, but maybe you’ve seen something neat on someone else’s blog, or are just wondering if what you want to achieve is possible.

I’m kind of required to warn you that it probably won’t all be the stuff my tech-unsavvy mom can do. For some things you have to dive deep into your widget’s codes, or get a bit tricksy with JavaScripts. I’ll be there to hold your hand while you do it, but it always helps if you’re confident in what you’re doing.
So yeah, drop requests down in the comments, if you have them!

To kind of fill up this post a bit, and also simply because I want to tell you guys, I’ll give you this nice anecdote about this game of LoL (which is not a 20vs20 game) I played today.
I and a friend got randomly matches with a few people. Right off the bat, when making teams, they started arguing about who was to go top. In the end they managed to settle to go top together (aww), but the shit didn’t end there. They were quick to talk thrash if a teammate didn’t do perfectly, and were generally pretty abusive towards their team.
As expected, we lost the match. Hell, we voted to surrender. I never vote to surrender. Normally I just hit “no”. In this case I didn’t vote at all, but it ended 4/5 “yes”, so it counted as a surrender regardless of what I would’ve done. Sucks, but hey, at least I didn’t have to spend more time with some major assholes.

Also we went to some lease company today, for a school thing. It was pretty interesting.
~ Fang


  • 24/01/2013 (1:49 AM)

    Well I think the stuff that we did today would probably be of interest to some people. I’m not sure what else though. You should have unleashed the full force of your flaming flame war powers on the people who were flaming eachother. Remember to always fight fire with fire!

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