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26 01 13


I came across a brilliant little student film today.

Made by a bunch of people doing an animation study, it’s the kind of stuff I can only dream of doing. The art-style fits perfectly with the amazing story, full of humor, but definitely not lacking a deeper meaning. The soundtrack they’ve put behind it is beautiful, and really puts the finishing touch on most scenes. I believe these folks are going to go places. If they don’t, there’s no hope left for the animation industry.

See what I mean? It’s lovely, really. If only I had the patience to work up some drawing skills, then maybe I would get into animation. It’s definitely something that seems fun to do to me. Then again, there’s a load of other things that fall in that category as well. But eh, I’m not that patient a fellow, especially when it comes to skills that take years to even begin to grasp.

I think that’ll be all for now. It’s getting close to midnight, so I need to hurry up and publish this. I’m out off material as well. I hope I can get another Blogger T&T up tomorrow, but I can’t make any promises.

See y’all!
~ Fang


  • 27/01/2013 (3:01 AM)

    That was fantastic!
    And funny too…but the vamp girl might need a bit of added clothing before lil bro can watch…oh well,at least it’s better than some of the nonsense in newspapers these days!Hats off to those guys!
    And yeah thanks for the link…Maybe you could try stick figure anime or something.Not too hard on the drawing skills with plenty of scope for humour!:)

  • 27/01/2013 (1:40 AM)

    There is some brilliant up and coming animation out there. I think that, like most things, if you apply yourself you should be able to get it. I’m actually yet to see you fail at something you’ve applied yourself to. You have the patience for programming and design, I think you could easily do some good animations if you applied yourself.

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