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Holy dicks!

So one of my good friends wants to dominate the world.

We had a little chat about this one Skype just now. (Feel free to correct me here, pal.) He said that the only way to create a world of peace was to become a dictatorial leader, threaten other countries to make peace, and nuke them down if they don’t. That’s pretty much what it came down to, at least. We went back and forth on this a bit, I told him my arguments against him, and he retaliated some. To be honest, I still don’t agree with him.

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Colors are hard

They are hard, and nobody understands, even though some pretend to do.

You know that feeling when picking out the color you want to paint your walls, or the color of your new carpet? Or perhaps what color to paint your shelf? Does it look good? Does it match nicely with the other colors? Won’t you get tired of it over time? You usually end up mindlessly flipping through one of those color swatch flyers, or whatever those things are called. And then a color pops in mind, you search for it, find it, try it out, and then you see how shit it actually looks when applied in real life.

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I get so awfully unproductive.

I don’t know what it is. The fact that there’s nothing I’m obliged to do, perhaps? Not sure. Days off just get me in that whole “let’s just do nothing for the rest of the day” mood, being all unproductive, getting nothing done, you know the one. Hell, I didn’t even do anything towards my chain project today. Better get to that later tonight. (See, told you the “don’t break the chain method” works. At least now I’ll be getting things done in the end.)

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So the Netherlands are still a monarchy, and our queen just resigned.

She’ll be passing the ropes onto her son, that Willem-Alexander dude. And if you ask me, well, I ain’t too pleased with it. It’ll be no secret that I detest the royal house regardless of who’s in charge over there. It gives the country a “face”, but it costs tons of money, and isn’t good for much other than the media attention which is a sickening phenomenon in and of itself. And now we have this douchebag in charge.

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It’s no secret that I’m having a pretty easy time at school.

Most things I can do without studying for, and the ones for which I have to study still get me decent grades with minimal effort. I spend so little time working on school stuff, and even littler (wow that’s a word) time actually being at school. Hell, I had most of the week off last week, and tomorrow will be the only day I have to go to school that week. Just give a quick presentation, get that over and done with, and be on my way home again.

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