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More Writing Room! Here’s the fourth part for you. We go and explore his ideas as a writer.

An idea for a story just came to mind. I’ll write it down, as well as my thought process as I edit the plot as it currently stands in my mind.

A couple gets into a fight. It’s their second this month already. The girl says she can’t live with all these insecurities, that she just wants the guy to be safe. He tells her he wasn’t doing anything dangerous. The fight probably started when the girl found out her guy did something for an underground gang again, even though he promised her he would cut ties with them. What she doesn’t know though, is that he can’t just cut ties with them. I don’t know what yet, but the group has a strong grip on him. I don’t yet know why, but perhaps because he for some reason has a huge debt with them or something?
Though they officially share their house, the girl throw the guy out, and not much later goes out for a walk herself. The guy goes to a bar, hangs there, tells his story to an old friend who happened to be there, and the barman joins in on the talk. Meanwhile the girl goes to one of her friends to cry and such for a while. Her friend says she “told you he was no good”, even though she doesn’t actually know the guy.
As for the plot past the first chapter or two, I’m not too sure. It’s very well possible the girl gets kidnapped by the gang the guy works for when they find out about his absence due to emotional stress. Due to this, he should act as they wish or else they’ll harm his girl. He’ll get forced to murder someone. He can’t do it alone, so he must ask someone for help.

That’s all I can come up with for now. Maybe some more ideas for the story will jump to mind later today, but I’m pretty happy with what I have already. Only a day or so into this period of isolation, and I’ve already gotten a fresh, new idea.

Hope it was sort of okay to read. See you tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 14/12/2012 (3:16 PM)

    And in my head, the girl gets into a gang because she goes to a bar instead of her friend’s house while the guy managed to jump out of the gang by doing one last robbery and getting enough to pay his debt back. The girlfriend finds she’s attracted to the danger of gang, loves the rush and now it’s up the boyfriend to save her. *sigh* My writer hat was on. Sorry, I totally changed everything…..that’s why my book isn’t done. My brain goes insane.

    • 15/12/2012 (1:39 PM)

      That’s… pretty decent a plot, actually! I may or may not steal tidbits from it. Hope you don’t mind. ;D

  • 14/12/2012 (7:08 AM)

    Not fleshed out enough for me to really comment objectively I’m afraid. :(

  • 14/12/2012 (1:30 AM)

    Other than a little bit here and there with grammars yeah it was just fine. I like that idea really too, maybe you should consider actually writing it. You can use this as an experience to find ideas for your own writing too.

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