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Got emailing with a friend, and something interesting came up as a topic.

We’re both really interested in traveling the world, going places, seeing great sights, all that good stuff. And honestly, who isn’t? It’s great that it’s possible to go to the other side of the world, see the nature there, experience the culture. I’d gladly take a few years off of school and work and go travel the world, if I could.

Thing is, everything’s still hella expensive these days. A plane ticket from the Netherlands to Australia, for example, easily sets you back a thousand Euros, or more! That’s a ridiculous amount, seeing as how that only gets you there, and then you’d probably still have to pay for all kinds of things, such as a hotel, food, and so on.

That isn’t going to stop me easily though. I really want to go to a far-away country and, for example, dive into the jungle there or something. Find a good guide, bring some friends, and off exploring we go! Nature’s real cool, and I’d love to see it with my own eyes. The stuff you see on TV just doesn’t really cut it compared to the real-life deal.

So perhaps, coming summer? Eh, maybe. We’ll see.
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  • 15/12/2012 (10:44 PM)

    I’d love to go travelling around the world. There’s plenty of places I want to go to. Australia isn’t too high on that list though what with all the heat.

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