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Kurisumasu can go screw itself if it doesn’t allow for my packages to get to my grabby hands on time.

No doubt the days around Christmas are on of the busiest in the year for those poor, under-appreciated mailmen. Then could someone please tell me why on earth both the first and second day of Christmas are world-wide days off (or national, at the very least)? If anything they should just double the pay and keep people working. So much more profit for everyone!

Yeah yeah yeah, I’m getting awfully impatient. I can’t play Silver because the internal battery has run dry, and I need a special screwdriver to open it. Three to four business days for it to get to me. It was shipped on Monday, so counting that it would’ve been here by Thursday, if it wasn’t for the holidays. Now I’m highly doubting if it’ll even be here by the end of the week!

I also ordered an audio splitter today, ’cause the ports on this laptop are so damn lousy you have no idea. Only a single headphone jack, no microphone port? Pff, step up your game, Apple.
But yeah, only time will tell when that damn thing gets here.

Whatever, guess patience is still, as it’s always been, very much key.
~ Fang


  • 27/12/2012 (1:21 AM)

    I know your pain. I made the mistake of ordering things recently (I actually ordered something on Christmas day, how retarded am I?) and I’m going to be waiting a while. I also had something that was due to arrive on the 21st and didn’t make it in time for kirssmasu, so who knows when I’ll get it?

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