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Or more specifically, posts I wish to get out, but can’t.

For starters, there’s the Writing Room story with which I’ve gotten stuck on day two, since there really is nothing I can think of that he’ll just write about. But he’s a decent writer, so he could come up with any old idea, right? He can, but I can’t, and in the end, I write him. It’s a complicated dependency-relationship.

Secondly, and actually a rather important point, is the Things You Didn’t Know About series. So far having only two posts in it, I’d like to expand on it some more, but I can’t just pull random clever facts about a very specific topic out of my ass, now can I?

Now that I’ve gotten one or two new readers (which brings the new grand total to about three), I’d like to ask this question again: what would you like to see me do a TYDKA post about? The sun? Planes? Goldfish rights in Luxembourg? I don’t know, you tell me! (Granted, I did just pull up three valid post topics.)

So yeah, that’ll get a bit more reader participation going on, which is always nice, and hopefully kind of fun for all of us!
~ Fang


  • 14/12/2012 (3:09 PM)

    Thank you! I copied this so the next time he comes home which should be soon, I can tell him.

  • 12/12/2012 (12:46 PM)

    Speaking of Luxembourg, it was one of my favorite places to visit when I lived in Germany. We used to hop across the border to buy our cigarettes when we used up our ration cards many years ago. Beautiful country!

    TYDKA – Well, I have a friend living in the same country as you are so when he comes back for a visit, how do I tell him – “I’m sorry you have such a terrible hangover.”? Um, please don’t make me call him any bad names LOL!!!

    (yes, I’m writing from my other blog)

    • 12/12/2012 (2:36 PM)

      As in, the Dutch translation for that?
      Tell him, “Rot dat je zo’n vreselijke kater hebt.” Good luck with getting the pronunciation right. ;D

    • 12/12/2012 (4:06 PM)

      Um, yeah, I’m gonna need some help with that…..when I said it, sounded like this:

      Rot dat gee zone ver zel like kater (rhymes with hater) hept (rhymes with kept) am I even remotely close?

      Don’t forget, I lived in Germany for three years LOL

    • 12/12/2012 (5:34 PM)

      Rot (rhymes with snot)
      yuh (like yuck without the ck)

      You were sorta close. ;D
      If anything, you can always pronounce it the German way. At least that’s more understandable than the English way, hehe.

  • 12/12/2012 (9:09 AM)

    Write about the pressure experienced by the ping pong ball used by the Chinese team in the London Olympics. A failure would have a disaster for the Chinese and for their government. Imagine the conversations the balls would have been having before the final match. Which of them would be the ball to score a win, or be in play during a loss. Did they toss coins to decide which of them it would be? Would a loss result in a ritual suicide for the ball in question? There’s just so much we don’t know.

  • 12/12/2012 (1:18 AM)

    …Okay a post about fish rights in Luxembourg. If I told you what to do a post about then it really means I know about it, so don’t need to be told about it, you know? Just write and see what comes to you for the room idea. Imagine yourself being stuck in that situation, no need to actually put yourself through it.

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