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You’ve probably seen it mentioned here and there: December 21st 2012 is coming closer and closer.

Some people are hyping over it, others simply don’t care. In this post, I’ll try to present you guys with my opinions on the matter, and the things I believe to be true. I’ll try my best to include everything I want to tell, but I’m bound to forget stuff, so I may or may not update this post at a later time. But without further ado, let’s get this started.

“The world will end in 2012!” No it isn’t. “But the Mayans predicted it!” No they didn’t.
Look, I know the Mayans weren’t just your ordinary folks, but never have they stated anywhere, in any shape of form, that an end-of-the-world scenario will be taking place December 2012. Yes, it is correct that their calendar ends there, but there’s a pretty large array of possible explanations for that. Hell, I’d even believe you if you told me they saw something coming!

But what would it be that they predicted so many years ago? In others words, what could possibly happen on that date which seems to hold so much significance?
Though one would quickly shove it under the “New Age” label, which I’m not very much a fan of, I think there’s something to say for the coming of, well, a new age. What kind of age? One that’s better than the current one, I’d say. And that isn’t even that hard.
If anything, we’ll get to celebrate that a bunch of cycles of various kinds come to an end (thus beginning over again) on December 21st. One of the most popular ones here being the Equinox (the slight “wobble” of the earth’s rotation, it’ll supposedly be pointing towards the center of the galaxy at the end of the cycle).

To get a bit more substantial, what will actually happen? What will we, as Average Joe’s, experience? In the end, I think the whole ordeal, whatever it may be, will have benefited mankind on a global scale. Earth’ll be more of an utopia, perhaps? As for the path that takes us there, I’m kind of torn.
Personally I’d say this is going to be a gradual change. Though relatively fast to other kinds of changes in human history, you won’t notice anything immediately.

I’d also like to tack on a side-note here. Over the last couple of years, it seems to me that increasingly many awesome things have been happening. It’s more of a gut feeling than an actual fact (I think, feel free to prove me wrong!), but look at how far we’ve come as humanity. Revolutions (effective or not) have been becoming more of an every-day thing. Take the thing that happened a while ago in Egypt, for example, or the Occupy movement, to get a little closer to home for most of you. People are standing up for themselves, uniting, and taking down evil (governments) together. It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? And it may all be some sort of build-up towards what we’ll see happening soon… or not. I don’t know.

That’s the bottom line, right there. I know nothing. We know nothing. Nothing is certain, so we can’t really say what will be happening. I can, however, say with quite a lot of confidence that the world will not end. Or at least, not physically. It may be the end of the world “as we know it”, but your house will probably still be standing.

There are already quite a few documented cases of suicide with the reason “it’s all going to end anyway”, referring to the 2012 doomsday scenario. The media and other fear mongering folks should shut their traps about stuff they can’t prove. It’s not cool to scare people like this. And if you, the reader, are scared, don’t be. If anything, find comfort in the fact that we’ll be experiencing whatever may happen together. Find someone to talk to about it, and hold on to the fact that an end of the world simply won’t be happening anytime soon.

That will be all for now. I can’t guarantee anything, and neither can you. We’ll just have to wait out a couple more weeks, and then we can see what will happen. Maybe we’ll even find ourselves disappointed, because nothing significant takes place. Heh, life goes on, no matter what happens.
Though a bit mumbo-jumbo-ish, this seems like something I should mention. It’s not the best, but there may very well be some truth in there.

Believe what you want to believe, and don’t let it drive you nuts. In the end, the 21st will be just another day in your lives, like any other.
~ Fang


  • 09/12/2012 (11:15 PM)

    Well a few fun theories debunked are that there’s going to be a switch in the polarity of Earth causing total meltdown, debunked because those changes take thousands of years. Even if the poles did magically switch, it wouldn’t affect anything really. I think. One other theory is because the Earth and the Sun will be aligned with the centre of the galaxy all of a sudden everything’s going to shit is debunked because this stuff happens every single year. The only way we’ll know about just what’s going to happen (my guess is nothing) is when it actually happens.

    Or doesn’t.

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