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No, this isn’t a rant on customer support, thank God.

I’m talking about playing the role of a Support in team-based games. It seems to be a rather under-appreciated, under-played role, especially amongst the more casual audience. The truth though, is that a good Support is invaluable to the team. You may not always notice them in the midst of battle, but if you have a good Support backing you up, you can safely go in for that risky kill. (Well, your own judgement applies here, but you get the idea.)

Decided to get myself Soraka, a champion in League of Legends, just to see if I’d be any good at playing support. I farmed a bit too much, didn’t get the necessary cooldown reduction, but at the end of the match I had 22 assists on my name, meaning I helped with 22 kills.
I thought I did a rather piss-poor job though, but luckily my team was kind enough to provide some feedback. They were pretty happy with me placing wards here and there, and I did a decent job of silencing the enemies when needed.

In the low tiers I play at I rarely see people playing Support. I think Support characters are more common in higher tiers, due to people seeing their value, but I think it’s important to promote their use in the lower tiers as well. After all, I had a pretty fun playtime, backing up my comrades and whatnot.

So, ever think the Support characters in your games are useless? Try playing one for a change!
~ Fang


  • 31/12/2012 (4:39 AM)

    Support play a role too!

  • 30/12/2012 (3:32 PM)

    I’d only be good at support since I don’t know enough to do anything else. Glad you did well.

  • 30/12/2012 (2:03 AM)

    I’m okay with some support, but not full on support. If that makes any kind of sense. I guess the simple way to put it is that I can heal, I can do that fine, but doing different things like setting glyphs, applying shields and everything, that would all go over my head. But I’m glad you see the value of support characters.

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