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So I’ve started playing League of Legends for a bit. It’s… somewhat addicting.

I’m having some trouble with the gameplay though. I’d love to play with or against real people already, but I simply don’t stand a chance, and will just get in the way. The reason for that is the one thing that’s a weak spot on most, if not all strategy multiplayer games: it’s hella overwhelming.

I played a little bit a year or two back, but quit soon after because my computer couldn’t handle it, and lag is just terrible. Fast forward to now, I have a snappy, powerful laptop, and I decide I’ll try my hand at LoL again. And golly, look at that, there’s over a hundred playable character already! Pfff.

The thing with LoL is, is that there’s only a handful of characters that are free to play, and those rotate every week or so, I believe. This means there isn’t always a character included that suits your playstyle, or is more geared towards inexperienced players.
Okay, okay, you quickly gain enough IP (points you get by playing the game) to actually buy a character, but still. It gets especially scary when you’re fighting against characters of which you don’t know what they can do, whilst trying to find aid in teammates whose abilities you don’t know either. Add to that the fact that you’re still finding out how to best utilize the skills of the character you’re trying out, and you have a recipe for brain chaos.

So yeah, my entrance into the game isn’t exactly smooth. When playing team vs AI I never seem to get any kills, get a few assists at best, and die relatively often compared to some of my teammates. Feels bad to hold them back like that, but eh, what’m’ah gunna do ’bout it?

~ Fang


  • 11/12/2012 (1:31 PM)

    I played RPG a few years ago but if I tried to play online, I would have been killed in an instant. I don’t have the patience to last. I can’t even play against my family when we play board games, I get so excited, I shout out the answers without waiting for the buzzer because I’m having so much fun. I start laughing and giggling – yeah, I’m that girl. =( LOL

  • 11/12/2012 (1:38 AM)

    Well LoL is one of those games you want to be good enough at when you go in to it. They can and will destroy you. It’s the main reason I’ve not played it, and don’t really plan to. That and I’m just not great at games like that really.

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