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The fuck is this?
06 12 12


So winter’s really arrived, it seems.

You wake up to a snowstorm, you go to bed with a snowstorm, and pretty soon you can’t leave the house because the fifty centimeters of snow are blocking the door. That isn’t my case, but I’m sure it happens occasionally… somewhere. Over here in the Netherlands though, things are still pretty white.

As predicated, quite a decent amount of snow fell this morning (or last night, whatever). During the day the temperature raised ever so slightly, causing some of the snow (especially the snow on the roads) to melt and flow away. Lucky, I didn’t have to traverse this freezing hell today, but I will have to tomorrow. Biking to the train station won’t be the biggest challenge, but I should be wary of slippery frozen spots anyway, especially those bumps of snow that got frozen over.

I do wonder what’ll happen with the public transport though. I go to school mostly by train, and though other countries handle it fine, the trains over here are known to drop dead at the sight of even the tiniest amount of snow hitting the rails. If I can even get to school tomorrow, I sure do hope I’ll be able to get back as well!

You’ll hear from me tomorrow how it all went. I’ve held a grudge against the dreadful combination of public transport and rough weather conditions for three years now, even though I haven’t experienced it much during most of that time. Will the grudge prove justified? Will the trains be stuffed to the brim with people? Will Fang ever be productive?

Find out next time, on Fang Talks!
~ Fang


  • 07/12/2012 (10:09 AM)

    Sounds like Canada to me. Ugh, as much as I hate busing, maybe it’s safer if I didn’t drive around in these conditions.

  • 07/12/2012 (5:34 AM)

    I’m an avid hater of winter and public transport. But the one good thing about public transport is that you don’t have to own a car to function. That is when the trains are running.

  • 07/12/2012 (1:41 AM)

    Well we all know Fang will never be productive. It seems everyone is getting snow but me D: Even my step brother had snow and he lives just a few miles away. That’s my grudge with nature. I want snow dammit! I hope the transport system isn’t too bad. Over here things tend to close at the first sign of snow too.

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