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So basically aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Today was a pretty okay day. I slept in, got some small things for work done (aka lots of mailing) and got my payout. Cool, now my finances finally feel comfortable again, instead of having a barren wasteland called “savings” sticking out like a sure thumb in the middle of all those obligatory transactions.

After I’ve had my pizza, dad comes home from a day of fixing stuff and shit at an aunt’s place. Not much later he enters my room, tells me to sit still and close my eyes. Oh God, what is it now. I do as he says, and when I open my eyes again, this badboy’s standing in my room.

Line 6 Spider II amp

That monstrous amp totally dwarfs my old, shitty one, as seen on the left of the picture. It’s got a handful of built-in effects, presets for “clean”, “crunch”, “metal” and “insane”, which is really very handy, and it kicks quite large the punch. Hell, I think it wouldn’t be that hard to shatter some windows with this thing!

The lovely gift comes from one of my uncles, who also plays guitar but never used his amps for some reason. So he decided to instead of letting it collect dust, send it my way. And it isn’t even Christmas yet! Aaaaaaaaaa!

Now all I need is a better guitar to replace this POC one, and I’ll be set for years!
~ Fang


  • 01/12/2012 (10:34 PM)

    Yeah but, does it go to 11? It’s not a great amp unless it goes to 11. It does look like a pretty good amp though, yay for stuff :D

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