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So I got my setup set up, my file monitor monitoring, and I’m ready to go!

Or I would be, if it hadn’t cost me hours to set all that up properly. That’s not the point here though.
Now that I’ve got CodeKit (which happens to be really awesome), I decided to go ahead and use Sass for my stylesheets. I can let CodeKit automatically compile and compress the special files as soon as I save them, so why the hell not, right? That’s what I thought…

While Sass is really cool and all, (I mean, come on, it adds variables, calculations, and much more to CSS) I just can’t seem to make good use of it. Okay, granted, I’m not that far into the project yet, but scanning over all those glorious features gives me a headache as I start wondering what I could use them for. I’m way too accustomed to regular CSS to be able to think of them as anything not that simple, dumb, and inefficient.

It’s kind of like learning to ride your bike in a very specific way. You won’t be able to change the way you ride it very easily. Hell, you’ll probably end up giving up because your old method of biking works just fine, right? Too bad that’s wrong, and that pedaling with both legs and arms, whilst steering with your tongue, definitely isn’t the best or most efficient method out there.

I want to unlearn biking, so I can start from a clean slate.
~ Fang


  • 24/12/2012 (1:54 AM)

    The sad thing is you can’t unlearn something, but I think you can integrate how you work CSS. Instead of thinking of it as riding a bike, think of it like learning a new language. You have to adapt and adjust what you already know to suit the new words and phrases. If you try hard enough you should be able to get it done.

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