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I’ll be trying my hand at a decent post here. Be sure to wear safety goggles!

As is the case in democracy, so is the case pretty much everywhere. Power of the masses. (Granted, in democracy it’s more like the dictatorship of the masses.) I think you could say it’s sort of like peer pressure, but it involves way more people than just your peers. And even if you don’t have any peers, the mass is still influencing you.

An example is the way people communicate. When email first reached the consumer market, a lot of people were reluctant to adopt it. Just calling someone on the phone or writing them a letter is just as fine, right? Besides, there weren’t very many people using it. Then along came the early adopters, showing the other folks that it wasn’t all that bad, and that there would definitely be a userbase for it. Fast-forward about ten years, and having an email address is pretty much the social norm. People who don’t have an email will be communicated with less, or even be left out of things. The same thing applies to cell phones, Facebook, WhatsApp and WhatHaveU.

Oh, and another easy example is the aforementioned democracy. You got to pray the masses like the dude or dudette you’re voting for, otherwise you might as well give up hope already, since there’s no way s/he’s getting elected. Sure, most people will be satisfied with the outcome, but the smaller groups often go ignored. (Granted, the homophobes and racists should be, no complaints there.)

The masses determine it all. What’s “the cool thing to do”? What is the best way of doing things? A group of people decides, others follow, and those who don’t are usually seen as outsiders. As usual, society is a silly thing, dictating rules for others to live by, willingly or not.

I’ve run out of things to say, so I’ll cut it here, otherwise garbage will start pouring down.
~ Fang


  • 03/12/2012 (2:27 AM)

    The majority rules is true of a lot of things. It’s not such a bad thing, but there really are some bad cases of it, such as minor politicians and even political parties that should be heard, but aren’t. Examples of this include the Pirate Party. But with enough people eventually you get heard, just give it time.

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