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Row row, fight the power!

Kurisumasu can go screw itself if it doesn’t allow for my packages to get to my grabby hands on time.

No doubt the days around Christmas are on of the busiest in the year for those poor, under-appreciated mailmen. Then could someone please tell me why on earth both the first and second day of Christmas are world-wide days off (or national, at the very least)? If anything they should just double the pay and keep people working. So much more profit for everyone!

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25 12 12

Merry jolly day!

See this as a “merry Christmas” post, or whatever you want to see written here.

I don’t really get why we celebrate Christmas if we don’t believe in Jezus, and I’m not one much for traditions either. I also find it rather stupid we only get together with holiday cheer once a year. But hey, I’ve ranted enough about that in the past, and you’ll probably hear me do it some more in the future, so let’s just not go there for now, ‘kay?

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Why yes I do have ’em.

I remember writing another post about this a while back, but this one’ll be different. Hopefully. If not, just act like you traveled back in time to read my post as it happened. Because, you know, there’s nothing better than fresh hot text printed onto your scree… okay nevermind then.

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23 12 12


So I got my setup set up, my file monitor monitoring, and I’m ready to go!

Or I would be, if it hadn’t cost me hours to set all that up properly. That’s not the point here though.
Now that I’ve got CodeKit (which happens to be really awesome), I decided to go ahead and use Sass for my stylesheets. I can let CodeKit automatically compile and compress the special files as soon as I save them, so why the hell not, right? That’s what I thought…

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Witty opening remark.

Seriously though, at the time of writing I’m actually getting stuff done! Well, not right now, because now I’m writing a blog post, but otherwise, I’d say I’m coming along pretty okay! Also, it’s Christmas break, which means that if I can keep this productive streak going I’ll get a full two weeks of things done!

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