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Merry jolly day!

See this as a “merry Christmas” post, or whatever you want to see written here.

I don’t really get why we celebrate Christmas if we don’t believe in Jezus, and I’m not one much for traditions either. I also find it rather stupid we only get together with holiday cheer once a year. But hey, I’ve ranted enough about that in the past, and you’ll probably hear me do it some more in the future, so let’s just not go there for now, ‘kay?

Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, all by yourself or not at all, I want you to have a great day today, tomorrow, and the day after. If anything, let Christmas be your yearly reminder that you need to enjoy life, or whatever kind of overly moralistic and awfully cliché message you want to enforce into your life. Make today, like every other day, one worth living.

Oh boy there I went again.
~ Fang


  • 26/12/2012 (12:49 AM)

    And I’ll tell you what I’ve told you when you’ve gone and done this before. Be glad we set aside a day for it, because if we didn’t, it might never get done.

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