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So my good ol’ pal came over today for a fun little jam session.

It all went pretty well, actually. We worked on my improv skills some more. He gave me some pointers, taught me some basics with regards to pentatonic boxes and their placement (already knew how they worked, mind you), and we played around with my terrible musical hearing for a bit. We also did a pretty neat bit of metal, as well as a lengthy piece of good improv.

I’m starting to get better, really. I can semi-confidently jump in and improvise a few tunes here and there now, and have learned my way around tempos and their treacherous ways. I’m still far, far away from being remotely close to being a pro at anything really, but the road to there is noticeably getting paved.

Enough metaphors. It’s getting late already and I kind of need my sleep. ‘Twas quite a tiring session, after all. But hey, fruits need energy to grow as well, so nothing wasted there!

See y’all tomorrow, with hopefully a better post. (But probably not.)
~ Fang


  • 29/12/2012 (12:14 PM)

    Progress is progress, and it’s usually all good. It sounds like you’re progressing quite well. Soon you’ll be writing your own full songs, rather than just improvising them.

  • 29/12/2012 (7:44 AM)

    My posts have been all generic holiday ones so far so I’m not one to point fingers.

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