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Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, so I’ll have a special, scheduled post up then.

For now, we can only say it’s almost tomorrow. It’s almost tomorrow but yesterday is still close by, and today is still all around us.
Let’s not get existential though, allow me to talk and rant about various things instead. Surely that’ll make us all that much happier, right?

2013 is in the very close future. That also means the end of January is close by. And if you still haven’t gotten the hint after this and previous posts, that means my blogaversary (or whatever the spelling is) is coming up. Yes, I will have something special again. No, I will not tell you. Plenty of hints and clues have been given already.

However, development isn’t coming along super smoothly. I’m afraid there’s a lot of things I won’t have ready for launch right off the bat, but I can assure you work is being put into it anyway. That means it is much less likely to end up idle and abandoned like happened last year. (Check those non-links up there. Absolutely disgusting.)

So yeah. I do plan on delivering this time. About God damn time, I might add. But hey, at least the definition of “Fang Talks” will be made shiny and new, there will be a lot more meat to it than meets the eye, and I’ll finally get some proper things set up.
Prepare your internets!

Also, I can’t play Support for shit in the higher tiers.
~ Fang


  • 31/12/2012 (2:57 PM)

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Happy New Year, Fang!!

  • 31/12/2012 (9:21 AM)

    I’m certain it’ll turn out better than my New Year’s post.

  • 31/12/2012 (1:27 AM)

    Keep practicing, and you’ll get it. I’m still convinced that it’s going to involve homoerotic fiction. Or at the very least, you have written such fiction. Either way I am looking forward to it.

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